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Your guide to crafting a story-driven marketing strategy using lessons inspired by the Walt Disney Company
In this short, practical book, you'll learn the structure of great stories and how it can be applied to developing your company's (or your client's) story-driven marketing strategy.

From understanding your company as the hero of the story to overcoming your marketing "inner demons" like Elsa to dealing with the "plot twists" after launching your campaigns, you'll learn the modern approach to marketing that works through examples from the Disney theme parks, movies, marketing campaigns, and more.

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From the Back Cover:
Disney makes it seem so easy. It's the best-marketed brand in the world, and everyone wants to do what Disney does, in selling their own product or service. It's not easy. But you can do it. As long as you know it starts with a story....

Story is the basis of the Disney marketing machine. Disney always tells a story, and it's the story that makes the sale. 

How can you start telling stories, the kind that will bring your brand exposure, profit, and success? 

In Marketing the Magic, John DeLancey strips Mickey to his bare essentials, looks at what makes him tick, and then builds a game plan that you can follow to put the power of Disney story-telling magic to work for you.
What Readers Have to Say:
As an entrepreneur running a small business, I'm constantly struggling with how to market myself. Marketing the Magic is perfectly set up to make the idea of creating a storybrand for your business make sense by explaining it through the work of the Disney Corporation through the years. You may not think you have a story but when John Delancey explains it through stories and characters we know and love, it immediately starts the ideas flowing. This book is a perfect companion to Donald Miller's Building a Storybrand. It is very well written and organized in a way that it can be digested in small chunks or all-at-once. Perfect for the busy business owner!
- Daniel W. Ozment (Amazon Review)

John brilliantly and thoroughly captures what Disney does best, and translates it into an easy-to-understand and apply format for businesses and entrepreneurs. We are all storytellers (no matter our business), and this book explains the importance of story in crafting and executing our marketing messages and strategies. This book is not just theoretical, but offers a step-by-step guide on how to change or craft your marketing strategy! I was literally reading, highlighting, and making adjustments along the way! VERY highly recommended! This is the "one little spark" you and your business might need!
- Lou Mongello (Amazon Review)
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